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14 December  2011

The Atlassian Team Calendars team is pleased to announce the release of Team Calendars 1.7. This release enables you to plan multiple people on People Calendars.


  • Thank you for all your issues and votes.
  • Below is a list of highlights for this release
  • Also see our complete list of issues resolved.

Add Multiple People to Events in People Calendars

Creating a People Calendar in Team Calendars helps you to plan and track your team rosters, leave and travel plans. Team Calendars 1.7 enables you to add multiple people to a single event. 

If you are an IT Support Team planning an on-call roster or if you always have multiple people traveling to an event, this improvement should make your life easier!

So, if you are planning your team over the Christmas holidays be sure to upgrade to Team Calendars 1.7!

Adding multiple people to an event is easy:

Once you've added multiple people, you can see them in both month and week views:

Combining it with your JIRA Project Calendar, you can quickly see your team plans inline with your projects:

Users mentioned on an event or watching a the calendar will receive notifications:

Upgrading to Team Calendars 1.7

Upgrading from a previous version of Team Calendars is straightforward. We recommend that you back up your Confluence database (which includes Team Calendars data) before upgrading.

Team Calendars 1.7 requires just a simple plugin upgrade:

  1. In Confluence, simply click 'Upgrade' in the Team Calendars entry of the Plugin Administration screen.
    Alternatively, download the latest release from our plugin exchange and install it via the Plugin Administration screen. This should upgrade Team Calendars to 1.7.0.

Issues Resolved in this Release

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Thank you for all your issues and votes. 

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