Enabling Smart Commits

Smart Commits allow repository committers to perform actions such as transitioning Jira Software issues or creating Crucible code reviews by embedding specific commands into their commit messages.

Read more about how to use Smart Commits.


Because Git and Mercurial allow commits to be attributed to users other than those pushing changes to the repository, if your Fisheye instance has any DVCS repositories then Smart Commits will be disabled. This is a security measure to prevent privilege escalation. This only occurs when the feature is first initialized, and will not be disabled if new Git or Mercurial repositories are added afterwards.


To get Smart Commits working, an admin on both Jira Software and Fisheye needs to do the following:

If the Application Link is configured as OAuth

If the Application Link to Jira is configured to use OAuth, the commiting user must authenticate with Jira before any Smart Commit will work with Jira. You can authenticate as follows:

  1. Create a test review in Fisheye.
  2. Log in with the commiting user.
  3. Open the review and click in "Edit Details".
  4. Fill the field "Linked Issue" with the key of some Jira issue and click in "Link". You'll be prompted to authenticate.
  5. Do this for every commiting user (no need to create a new review, only link the review to any Jira issue).


To enable Smart Commits, open the Fisheye Administration interface and go to the Smart Commits configuration page.

Select the Smart Commits that you would like to enable.

Disable Smart Commits

To disable Smart Commits, deselect the checkboxes for all types of Smart Commit.


Q. The Smart Commits administration page is reporting an error, saying "No plugins installed"

A. It is possible that the Smart Commit plugins are disabled in the Plugins section of your Fisheye instance. Go to System Settings > Plugins and open System Plugins. Please ensure that the Fisheye/Crucible Review Smart Commits Plugin and Fisheye/Crucible JIRA Smart Commits Hook Plugin are enabled (as well as all of their submodules). If you are unable to enable them, please view your Fisheye logs for clues and raise a support request at http://support.atlassian.com/ with your logs attached.

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