Customizing Fisheye's look and feel

Note that the Atlassian Support Offering does not cover the customizations described on this page. Assistance may be obtained through the Atlassian community from or from an Atlassian Expert.

Fisheye commercial/academic license users have access to the HTML/JSP source of Fisheye and can customize Fisheye's look and feel. If you have a commercial license assigned to your account, you will see a source download option on your download page.

Fisheye Source Edition

To use custom HTML/JSP content, you must be using a build of Fisheye that contains the JSP source. These builds are named instead of the normal bundle.

You must install a JSP source build – you cannot copy JSP files from a source build into an existing ordinary installation.

Customizing Content

With the JSP source build you can modify any of the files in <Fisheye installation directory>/content/. However we strongly recommend that you use separate installation and FISHEYE_INST directories (as described in Installing Fisheye on Windows and Installing Fisheye on Linux and Mac ), and that you store your modified files in FISHEYE_INST/content (If you use FISHEYE_INST/content, you only need to keep your modified HTML/JSP files in that directory. This simplifies your upgrade process).

When you make changes to content, your changes should appear when you next refresh the page in your browser. If they do not, then log in to the Fisheye Administration screens, click Content under 'System Settings', and follow the instructions on the 'Content' page.

An alternative way of customizing Fisheye's and Crucible's look and feel is to edit specific CSS files. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for some examples.

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