Crowd 2.8 Release Notes

10th November 2014

The Atlassian Crowd team is pleased to bring you Crowd 2.8 with a thorough UI refresh, more control over groups with multiple directories, and many other features and fixes.

We recommend you read the upgrade notes for important information about this release.


Thank you for your feedback:

(green star) More than 45 votes satisfied

(green star) Over 30 feature and improvement requests fulfilled




A full user interface makeover using the Atlassian Design Guidelines

Crowd's interface got a makeover using the Atlassian Design Guidelines:

Direct access to administration:

Workflow steps are indicated up front:

Choose whether or not to merge group memberships from multiple directories

One of Crowd's most voted feature requests (Add option that would allow group memberships to be aggregated across directories again), you can now choose to aggregate group memberships for a user defined in multiple directories.

Read more about aggregating group memberships...

A new experimental lightweight OpenID server

Following on from the OpenID approval whitelist, Crowd now has a new lightweight UI-free OpenID server that uses persistent identifiers unaffected by renaming. It's located at /openidserver/v2/op, and no database setup is necessary.

Read more about the new lightweight OpenID server...

Support and library upgrades

Many other fixes and upgrades including:

  • Spring LDAP 2.0
  • Apache HttpComponents 4.3
  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.3

These changes improve compatibility and introduce caching for integrated applications fetching the current cookie configuration.

Complete list of improvements and fixes

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