Crowd 2.7.1 Release Notes


13th January 2014

The Atlassian Crowd team presents Crowd 2.7.1.

This release is a recommended upgrade for all customers. It brings important fixes, which are listed below.

Crowd 2.7 Upgrade Notes

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Compatibility Notes

In addition to the fixes below, we shipped a minor backwards incompatibility in the SOAP API.
Potentially affects: maintainers of Crowd SOAP API clients. Does not affect those using the Crowd integration Java SOAP library.
Details: when specifying an AuthenticationContext (for authenticating an application or user), it was previously optional to specify whether the encryptedCredential component of the PasswordCredential component of the AuthenticationContext (which indicated whether the provided PasswordCredential was already encrypted or not) because Crowd would ignore this value and assume it was unencrypted. Crowd now correctly no longer ignores this value in this context, and as a result you must now specify this value to be false , as demonstrated by this edit to the Crowd SOAP Examples page. See  CWD-3838 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for further discussion.
Scope: This backwards incompatibility has been fixed in Crowd 2.7.2; those skipping Crowd 2.7.1 do not need to worry about this.

 Complete list of improvements and fixes

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