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This release fixes a security flaw. Please refer to the security advisory for details of the security vulnerability, risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

2010 年 7 月 5 日

The Atlassian Crowd team is delighted to present Crowd 2.0.5. This release is a recommended upgrade which fixes a security flaw and other bugs.

Crowd 2.0.5 includes a nice improvement for people who use the Crowd SOAP API: the active/inactive flag on users is now exposed via the API. This means that you can now perform mass updates to activate or deactivate users.

Please note: If you are upgrading to Crowd 2.0.5 and have not previously upgraded to Crowd 2.0.4, then you may experience the same problem as described for the Crowd 2.0.4 upgrade. That is, users with expired passwords will no longer be able to log in to Crowd-connected applications. Please refer to the Crowd 2.0.4 release notes for details.

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Complete List of Fixes in This Release

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