Crowd 1.1.1 Release Notes




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The Crowd development team has released Crowd 1.1.1.

This release is a highly recommended upgrade from Crowd 1.1.0 since it provides a security fix to XWork, the technology underlying the web framework WebWork which is used by Crowd.

This release also contains a new CSV importer as well as fixes for some issues found in 1.1.0.

Importing Users and Groups from a CSV File

You can now copy users from an external directory or user base into Crowd via a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

The new CSV Importer allows you to specify a file containing user information, and optionally another file containing the groups to which the users belong. You can then map the CSV fields to the Crowd directory fields. After performing the import, Crowd sums up the results.

Screenshot: 'CSV Importer - Configuration'


Other Fixes in Crowd 1.1.1

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