Bitbucket Server 5.7 release notes

2018 年 1 月 11 日

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide. Be sure to check the End of support announcements and the changes listed in the API changelog.

The Bitbucket 5.7 changelog is at the bottom of this page.

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Elasticsearch 5.5 upgrade

🎊 Happy new year from the Bitbucket Server team! 🎊

In Bitbucket 5.7 we've made changes to the technology that powers search, and enabled support for Elasticsearch 5.5.

Elasticsearch 2.3 is now end-of-life and it's harder to receive support and timely fixes to Elasticsearch. As such, all Bitbucket Server instances will have their version of Elasticsearch updated to 5.5.3. This will happen automatically when you start your application after upgrading. 

Important notice to administrators

During the upgrade process from Elasticsearch 2.3 to 5.5, the underlying indexes that store data must be recreated. This will result in a period of downtime for Bitbucket's search capabilities. You can see the reindex progress by going to:


This should take about the same amount of time it took to perform the first index when you started using the search capabilities of Bitbucket server.

Important information for data center customers

For those of you running Bitbucket Data Center, you've always had your own Elasticsearch cluster, so your Elasticsearch will stay at 2.3 unless you choose to upgrade. To make the upgrade process easier, we've chosen to support both Elasticsearch 2.3 and 5.5 until Bitbucket Server 6.0, at which point we will drop support for Elasticsearch 2.3. We hope this will give you a bit of time to plan your upgrade.

One important thing to remember is if you upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.5, Bitbucket will detect that the underlying indexes were originally created in Elasticsearch 2.x and will fire a recreation event, causing your search data to go through reindexing before it becomes available again in its entirety.

So if you choose to stay at Elasticsearch 2.3 during this release, keep in mind that when upgrading to 5.7 your indexes will be re-created no matter what, due to the addition of punctuation aware code search.

Punctuation aware code search

We're excited to let you know Bitbucket is now smarter when performing searches with punctuation, including:

  • period "."
  • underscore "_"

Previously these were discarded entirely from a search. From Bitbucket Server 5.7 onwards, you'll see more powerful searching thanks to the ability to specify these terms as part of your query. 

Please note, this is a breaking change to our Elasticsearch indexes. For that reason, all search indexes will be re-created from scratch, even for Data Center customers with their own Elasticsearch cluster, or server customers with a custom Elasticsearch installation.

While search indexes are being recreated, your repository search will also be affected with incomplete or empty results for a short time. Repository data is indexed first, so you should have full use of the repository quick search promptly. Code results will be built after.


This section will contain information about the Bitbucket Server 5.7 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Bitbucket Server software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Bitbucket Server, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Bitbucket Server 5.7.x releases, and are ordered by votes received.

30 April 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.7.4

T キー 要約

19 March 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.7.3

T キー 要約

26 February 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.7.2

T キー 要約

30 January 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.7.1

T キー 要約

11 January 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.7.0

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