Bitbucket Server 5.15 release notes

2018 年 10 月 18 日

新しいバージョンの試用をご検討中の場合、ソフトウェア メンテナンスを更新済みであることをご確認ください。いますぐ更新

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, refer to the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide

Be sure to also check the End of support announcements for Bitbucket Server and the changes listed in the API changelog.

The Bitbucket 5.15 changelog is at the bottom of this page.

Try Bitbucket Server 5.15

Code Insights for Bitbucket Server

You might have read about it in our early access program announcement, or maybe you heard about it at Atlassian Summit this year: Code Insights has landed and is available now in Bitbucket Server 5.15.

CI systems and other code analysis tools produce useful information about a codebase as it evolves, but how can developers take advantage of this information? How can teams benefit from this information without burdening developers with endless context switching and commit revisions?

Code Insights, that's how. You can now present important development information directly on pull requests inside the product, in order to proactively diagnose potential issues, shorten test cycles, and improve code quality.

Eager and ready to get started with Code Insights?

To get started looking for existing third-party apps, check out the Atlassian Marketplace

If you're looking to build your own integration, we have some tutorials and information available to get you started:

  • To add Code Insights as part of your CI pipeline, here is a very helpful resource
  • If you're wanting a more comprehensive overview of the feature and how it works, try the how to add code insights to pull requests tutorial.
  • Or if you want to start understanding quality reports and annotations, check out our user documentation here.

Deprecations in 6.0 are looming closer and closer... in January 2018

Just a quick reminder to all our admins, that there are some deprecations coming up for our Bitbucket Server and Data Center customers with the release of Bitbucket Server 6.0 in January of 2019. Be sure to plan ahead if you're upgrading!

Deprecation of Elasticsearch 2.3 for Data Center customers

Elasticsearch 2.3 will be deprecated for data center customers only, in 6.0.

Support was ended for server customers in Bitbucket Server 5.7, with additional lead time factored in for our data center customers to plan accordingly.

Have a look at the original update in the Bitbucket Server 5.7 release notes.

Deprecation of Git 2.10

In Bitbucket Server 6.0, we will end support for all versions before Git 2.11:

  • Versions before Bitbucket Server 6.0 support Git 2.2.0 and higher, excluding Git 2.12.2 on Windows (see supported platforms for details).
  • After 6.0 we will require Git 2.11.0 or newer, excluding Git 2.12.2 on Windows.


This section will contain information about the Bitbucket Server 5.14.x minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Bitbucket Server software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Bitbucket Server, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Bitbucket Server 5.14.x releases, and are ordered by votes received.

17 March 2019 - Bitbucket Server 5.15.3

T キー 要約

18 February 2019 - Bitbucket Server 5.15.2

T キー 要約

13 November 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.15.1

T キー 要約

18 October 2018 - Bitbucket Server 5.15.0

T キー 要約

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