Jenkins サービスの管理

These instructions are no longer valid. Please see for information on configuring Jenkins with Bitbucket Cloud.

Bitbucket Cloud allows Integration with Jenkins. However Atlassian Support does not provide assistance for this configuration.

If assistance with this kind of configuration, please consult with the vendor(Jenkins), or raise a question on Atlassian Answers.


With this service, you can integrate Bitbucket Cloud with Jenkins, an extendable open source continuous integration server. If you are having trouble with the service, see Troubleshoot Bitbucket Cloud services. For help understanding Jenkins' security options and their implications to triggering remote builds, please review the Jenkins documentation

Setting Up the service


  1. リポジトリの設定に移動します。
  2. 左側のナビゲーションにある [サービス] をクリックします。
    サービス ページが表示されます。
  3. Select the Jenkins service from the services dropdown.
  4. Click Add service.
    A new section appears for the Jenkins service.
  5. 以下の情報を入力します:

    フィールド 説明 必須
    Csrf Enabled If set, the service will work with Jenkins when csrf is enabled on the server.   (error)
    Module name If set, only commits to the specified module (or directory) will trigger a Jenkins build. apps/Bitbucket (error)
    Token If you have token authentication enabled for your builds, insert it here.   (error)
    プロジェクト名 The name of the Jenkins job you wish to run builds on bitbucket Selenium Tests (tick)

    The endpoint URL for your Jenkins instance. This can be any standard URL in the format. Basic authentication will be used when providing a username and password in the field.



  6. [保存] をクリックします。
最終更新日: 2016 年 9 月 24 日


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