Viewing your elastic agents


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An elastic agent is an agent that runs in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). An elastic agent process runs in an elastic instance of an elastic image. An elastic agent inherits its capabilities from the elastic image that it was created from.

An elastic agent will always have an 'Online' status, (i.e. 'Online' or 'Online (Disabled)'). If you disable an elastic agent, the elastic instance will remain online. However, if you shut down the elastic instance, then the elastic agents process is killed and will not appear in the remote agents list. Hence, an elastic agent will never have an 'Offline' status.


To view your elastic agents:

  1. Bamboo ヘッダーの アイコンをクリックし、概要を選択します。
  2. Click Agents in the left navigation panel.

The agents for your Bamboo instance will be displayed (see screenshot below). Any elastic agents that are running will be listed in the 'Remote Agents' section. The elastic agent name will be prefixed with 'Elastic Agent', e.g. 'Elastic Agent on i-2204914b'

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