Bamboo での SSH タスクの使用


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You can use the Bamboo SSH task to execute a SSH command on a remote computer as part of a Bamboo job.

You can use the SSH task to do such things as:

  • Calling database migration scripts 
  • Starting and stopping services
  • Anything you can run on the command line on a remote machine

See Configuring a deployment task for an overview of Bamboo deployment tasks.

To configure an SSH task:

  1. ジョブのタスク設定タブに移動します(新しいプランを作成するとデフォルト ジョブとなります)。
  2. Click the name of an existing SSH task, or click Add Task and then SSH Task to create a new task.

  3. Complete SSH task configuration settings.

    Starting from Bamboo version 6.3, you can choose shared credential as your authentication method. See Shared credentials.

  4. The shell command to execute on the remote host. You can only enter a single command here.

  5. Click Save.

ホスト フィンガープリント


ssh-keygen -l -F <HOSTNAME>


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