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The Stash logo displays localhost and all the other links point to the right domain I expect them to.

The following image illustrates the issue:


It  could be that:

  • Your server.xml is not properly configured  (this issue usually occurs after upgrading Stash). After upgrading Stash, you need to manually add previous customisations existent in your previous server.xml to your new server.xml.
  • Your proxy is not properly configured. 



  • Your server.xml needs to be configured as described on the step "Update any custom configurations" of the Stash upgrade guide document. Usually the parameters redirectPort , scheme , proxyName and proxyPort are missing from your new server.xml installation and a diff between the two server.xml files (new against old installation) should show that. For specific instructions on how your server.xml should be configured, please refer to the Proxying and securing Stash which will contain your specific set up.
    • Notice that adding these parameters to server.xml requires a restart on your instance before it takes effect.
  • Stash uses the 'Host' HTTP header which is being sent via your proxy. Please refer to our Proxying and securing Stash document to configure your proxy correctly according to your scenario.
    • For example, as can be seen on this discussion, not configuring the setting of the Host http header might cause the issue on Nginx: proxy_set_header Host $host

Answers discussion

Refer to Changing Base URL of Stash doesn't seem to work for discussion on this issue.

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