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The following (or similar) appears in atlassian-stash.log:

Caused by: com.atlassian.stash.internal.home.UnsupportedDirectoryOverrideException: Overriding log directory location using stash.home.log system property is no longer supported


Before Stash 3.2 it was possible to use undocumented features to override the location of the following subfolders in stash home:

  • export
  • bin
  • caches
  • config
  • data
  • lib
  • lib/native
  • log
  • plugins
  • tmp

To achieve this users had two options:

  • Introduce an environment variable in the form STASH_HOME_[OVERRIDE], e.g. for overriding log - STASH_HOME_LOG
  • Or introduce a system property in the form stash.home.[override], e.g. for overriding log - stash.home.log

In Stash 3.2 and above the option to override the location of the subfolders in stash home is greatly reduced and will only work on the following folder:

  • tmp

For all other folders Stash will refuse to start with the symptoms described in the previous section.


To resolve the issue stash admins need to move the changed folders back under stash home. For instance if the location of bin folder was overridden using the environment variable STASH_HOME_BIN then:

  • Firstly, bin must be put back under STASH_HOME/bin and 
  • Secondly, the corresponding environment variable (STASH_HOME_BIN) must be undefined

The same applies if system properties have been used instead of environment variables.


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