Integrating Fisheye with Atlassian applications


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


You can integrate Fisheye with the following Atlassian applications:

When Fisheye is integrated with a Jira application you can:

When Crucible is integrated with Jira, you can:

When a Jira application is integrated with Fisheye, you can:

  • View an issue's Fisheye changesets
  • Add the Fisheye Charts Gadget to your Jira Server application dashboard
  • Add the Fisheye Recent Changesets Gadget to your Jira Server application dashboard
  • View an issue's Crucible reviews
  • Add the Crucible Charts Gadget to Jira Server applications

See Configuring development tools for detailed information.

When Fisheye is used with Crucible, you can:

In Fisheye:

  • Use smart commits to create Crucible reviews, add reviews to new reviews and update an existing review.

In Crucible:  

See Crucible and Fisheye.

When Fisheye is integrated with Bitbucket Server:

  • You can easily add Bitbucket Server repositories to Fisheye with a single click. Once added, the repository behaves just like a native repository in Fisheye, so your team gets all the benefits of Fisheye indexing, browsing and searching. Furthermore, the repository becomes available to Crucible, so you can perform in-depth code reviews for changes in the repository.
  • A push to a Bitbucket Server repository that has been added to Fisheye automatically triggers Fisheye to run an incremental index. You don't have to configure polling for new commits, or set up dedicated Fisheye web hooks in your Bitbucket Server instance.


When Fisheye is integrated with your Bamboo continuous integration server, you can view the code changes that triggered a build. When a build fails due to a compilation error or failed test, you can explore the failed build in Fisheye and jump directly into the changeset that broke the build. You can view the history of that changeset to see what the author was trying to fix, take advantage of the the side-by-side diff view to analyze the change and then open the correct files in your IDE.

For more details see Viewing the Code Changes that Triggered a Build.  

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