Integrating Fisheye with Bitbucket Server

Integrating Fisheye with Atlassian applications



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... describes the benefits for you and your team, when Fisheye is integrated with Bitbucket Server (formerly known as Stash).

Set it up...

... with our short guide to help Fisheye admins connect Fisheye to Bitbucket Server.

Bitbucket Server is...

... Atlassian's on-premise Git repository management solution for enterprise teams. Read about getting started with Git and Bitbucket Server.

Easily keep Fisheye repositories synced with Bitbucket Server

FISHEYE 3.5 + STASH 3.1 +

Once you add a Bitbucket Server Git repository to Fisheye, a push to the repository automatically triggers Fisheye to run an incremental index. You don't have to configure customized polling to detect new commits, or set up dedicated Fisheye web hooks in your Bitbucket Server instance. 

A Fisheye administrator only needs to set up an application link with Bitbucket Server for Fisheye to be ready to respond to 'refs changed' notifications published by Bitbucket Server. 


  • Fisheye may not receive the notifications published by Bitbucket Server under some circumstances, for example if Fisheye is being restarted, or if there are intermittent network issues. Therefore, we don't recommend disabling polling completely, but that the polling period be extended to 2 hours or even 24 hours, so Fisheye can catch up with any missed events. See Updater.
  • The automated notifications published by Bitbucket Server when new changesets are pushed to the repository do not cause polling to be disabled. Those notifications are meant to ensure any changes made to Bitbucket Server repositories are promptly indexed by Fisheye.

Note also that Bitbucket Server was formerly known as Atlassian Stash.

Easily add Bitbucket Server repositories to Fisheye

FISHEYE 3.4 + STASH 2.11.4 +

When Fisheye is integrated with Bitbucket Server, a Fisheye administrator can easily add Bitbucket Server repositories to Fisheye with a single click. Once added, the repository behaves just like a native repository in Fisheye, so your team gets all the benefits of Fisheye indexing, browsing and searching. Furthermore, the repository becomes available to Crucible (when integrated), so you can perform in-depth code reviews for changes in the repository.

For detailed instructions for adding a Bitbucket Server repository to Fisheye, see Adding an external repository.

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