Crucible 1.5 Release Notes


14 April 2008

Atlassian presents Crucible 1.5

Crucible release 1.5 brings new enhancements that make your code review activities quicker and easier. The all-new per-project page consolidates the display of work done on a particular goal or product, while filtered search for defects and comments provides rapid access to Crucible content that you need to see, now.



Upgrading to Crucible 1.5

You can now download Crucible from here. If upgrading from a previous version, please follow the Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of Crucible 1.5

Project Dashboard

Crucible 1.5 introduces the Project Dashboard, which allows you to see open reviews that belong to a given project, presented with additional project-related data and graphs.

Screenshot: Crucible Project Dashboard

Filtered comments & defects search, with statistical summary

Defects and comments are now searchable, easing the difficulty of finding a particular piece of work or revision (and its relevant comments). These search results now also show a very useful statistical summary. Also, a new defect metrics report is available.

Screenshot: Crucible Defect Metrics Report

Customizable email templates

You can now customize the content and appearance of email notifications that get sent to Crucible users. For example you can append a legal disclaimer, alter the subject line or provide custom header text for all messages.

Improvements to Crucible Plugin API beta

Now with REST support and the ability to upload patches, the Crucible Plugin API beta is for Crucible integrators who want to extend Crucible to interoperate with their enterprise infrastructure or processes.

Plus numerous improvements and bug-fixes

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