Crucible 2.5 Release Notes

2011 年 2 月 8 日

With great pleasure, Atlassian presents Crucible 2.5, now with support for Oracle and redesigned Activity Stream.


Responding to your Feedback:
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Highlights of Crucible 2.5


Oracle Support (beta)

We have been working very hard on adding support for the Oracle DBMS for Crucible 2.5 as this has been a very popular feature request with more that 115 votes.

We have been using Crucible with Oracle over the past month ourselves, so we believe we are almost there. We would love for you to give Crucible a try on Oracle DBMS and let us know if you run into any problems by creating an issue.


Redesigned Activity Stream

We have spent a considerable amount of time improving the FishEye activity stream:

  • Cleaner visual design
  • Larger avatars
  • Improved scanability
  • De-cluttering of UI elements, showing actions on hover
  • Space-saving condensed mode so you can see more changesets on the same page


Improved Header

Crucible 2.5 tracks locations that you have recently visited, and provides quick and easy access to navigate to these resources. The five most recently viewed projects, reviews, users and repositories (if FishEye is installed) are available from the header drop down links as shown:


Comment Notification Batching

Email notifications from Crucible can be frequent, particularly on reviews with many participants and lots of comments.  We won’t say spam, but it can certainly feel “chatty!”  Crucible 2.5 remedies this problem with improved batching of emails.  All comments are grouped together and sent in a user-specified interval.  They’re easier to read and will keep your inbox happy.  It works for draft comments and edited comments, too, so fixing a typo will no longer send out multiple notifications!


There are 2 new comments in the following thread: - http://localhost:6060/crucible/cru/CR-FE-4223/#c36358
  Geoff Crain on 02 Feb 2011, 12:01
      Is this really how this is supposed to work? You should fix this.
      ******  New  ***************************************************************************************************
      Seb Ruiz on 02 Feb 2011, 13:31
          Geoff is right. But youll have to fix it on a separate branch.
          ******  New  ***********************************************************************************************
          Joe Xie on 02 Feb 2011, 13:32
              Fixed.. change is here: http://localhost:6060/crucible/changelog/FE?cs=e962e59bccda



Visit our issue tracker to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes in FishEye and Crucible for this release.

Release Notices

最終更新日 2012 年 7 月 3 日


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