Crucible 1.2 Release Notes


2007 年 12 月 5 日

The Atlassian Crucible team is delighted to present Crucible 1.2.Crucible release 1.2 brings you a host of popular new features. You can now group your reviews into projects (similar to JIRA projects) and authorize your users via project permission schemes.

New user management screens make the administrator's job a lot easier. The new built-in integration with Atlassian Crowd extends your authentication and authorization capabilities. You can now include users and groups from one or more Crowd directories, and provide single sign-on (SSO) across Atlassian products plus any other applications that support SSO.

Crucible's integration with JIRA and FishEye is now closer than ever before. Read the details below.


Responding to your feedback:
(green star) 8 new feature requests/improvements implemented
(green star) 9 votes satisfied

Upgrading to Crucible 1.2

If upgrading from a previous version, please follow the Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of Crucible 1.2

Reviews grouped into projects

  • Crucible now supports projects - every review will belong to a project.
  • Each project has a unique key (prefix), modeled on JIRA keys.
  • You can add your own projects via the new administration screens.
  • You can specify review defaults per project, such as the default users for each role and a default repository.
  • And you can restrict the users/groups who can perform a particular role, e.g. only team leaders can be moderators.
  • Each project has its own permission scheme (see below).

Customizable permission schemes

  • A permission scheme is a set of actions which a user can perform (e.g. create a review, approve a review, etc).
  • Each project can have its own custom permission scheme — or you can use the same scheme for multiple projects.
  • The permission scheme for a review is determined by the review's project.

Plugin API

  • A new plugin Crucible programming interface (API), in beta for this release, supports the following functionality:
    • Create or modify reviews and comments.
    • Add files, patches, etc to reviews.
    • Invoke state transitions.
    • Add custom servlet handlers.

Enhancements to user management

In Crucible 1.1.2, we introduced support for public signup (self-registration). Now in Crucible 1.2:

JIRA integration

The new version 1.2 of the FishEye-for-JIRA plugin includes some useful improvments:

  • new 'FishEye' tab for JIRA issues and projects
  • improved ability to create a Crucible review from the 'FishEye' tab within a JIRA issue — just click the Crucible icon:

Crucible 1.2 includes FishEye 1.4

... and provides closer integration than ever before.

  • FishEye screens include links to existing Crucible reviews. So you can see which files/changesets have been reviewed.
  • EyeQL allows you to search for Crucible data. For example, you can search for files that have not yet been reviewed.
  • Crucible now has built-in Crowd/SSO support.
  • See the FishEye 1.4 Release Notes.

Plus over 20 improvements and bug-fixes

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