Bitbucket Server 4.6 リリース ノート

2016 年 5 月 10 日

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide. Also, be sure to see the End of support announcements and the changes listed in the API changelog.

Bitbucket 4.6 の変更履歴は、このページの下部で参照できます。

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Code search is here! 

With Bitbucket Server 4.6, you can now find exactly what you're looking for right from the search bar.

  • Search for code across all your projects and repositories.
  • Search for code within a specific project or repositories.
  • Use search operators to get more precise search results.
  • Search for code based on the language it's written in.

Many teams using Bitbucket Server have a lot of code, so we made it easy to filter search results using search modifiers and operators. Bitbucket Server code search works by using a bundled instance of Elasticsearch, an open source full-text search engine. 

Important note for Data Center users

Bitbucket Data Center 4.6+ does not use the bundled Elasticsearch instance. Instead, you must provision an Elasticsearch instance separately when installing Bitbucket Data Center 4.6+. Detailed instructions can be found in the article Installing Bitbucket Data Center.

Add search operators like ANDOR, and NOT to search queries to narrow down or broaden search results.

Use search modifiers like project: and repository: to search for code within a specific project or repository. Or, use the language: or extension: modifiers to search for code in a specific programming language or file extension (e.g.,  lang:java or  ext:css ). 

Have a look at the article Bitbucket search syntax for all the details about our search syntax.

Support for personalized time zones

Bitbucket Server 4.6 adds the ability to set your individual time zone; no more timestamps that reflect someone else's reality. Setting time zones gives remote users and distributed teams accurate local timestamps in the application and notification emails. Admins can still set the default time zone of the primary instance, but it won't override a user's preference. Read more about how to set time zones in the page Set the default time zone.

View last modified information on directory listings

You can now view the latest commit message and modified date for each file on the directory listing page. 

Show blame on diffs

You can now use the blame functionality you know and love from the source view, on diffs shown throughout Bitbucket Server. 


In addition, hovering over the commit hash in blame will now preview the commit message, making it easier to see the reason for the change without leaving the page. 


このセクションには、Bitbucket Server 4.6 のマイナー リリースの公開後、それらの情報が追記されます。このリリースは、アクティブな Bitbucket Server ソフトウェア メンテナンスをお持ちのすべてのユーザーが無料で利用できます。

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Stash, check the Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

以下に Bitbucket Server 4.6.x リリースで解決済みのすべての課題の概要を、投票数の多い順に記載しています。

2016 年 7 月 16 日 - Bitbucket Server 4.6.3

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2016 年 5 月 26 日 - Bitbucket Server 4.6.2

T キー 要約

2016 年 5 月 17 日 - Bitbucket Server 4.6.1

T キー 要約

2016 年 5 月 10 日 - Bitbucket Server 4.6.0

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