Pull request and merge settings

All Bitbucket Cloud repositories come with the ability to create branches and pull requests. As an administrator, you can control the default state for pull requests and who can merge to these pull requests under certain conditions.

You can do so from these Settings pages:

Repository settings page 説明

To enforce specific workflows, you can set branch permissions for specific branches or branch patterns:

  • Control which users can push or merge changes to a branch or with a pull request. Learn more
  • Recommend or require specific conditions for a merge to a branch with merge checks. Learn more
Merge strategies

Merge strategies define how the commit history appears when someone merges a pull request into a repository. To merge, a user selects a Merge strategy from the Merge pull request dialog. As a repository administrator, you can determine which merge strategy appears in the dialog by default. To set the default option, select a Default merge strategy from the Merge strategies page.

For more details about merge strategies and why you'd use each one, see that section of the Merge a pull request page.

Default reviewers When someone creates a pull request on the repository, you can specify reviewers that Bitbucket will automatically get added to the pull request. To add a user, they must have access to the repository. From the Default reviewers page, enter the username or full name of the user and click Add.
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