Updating your Bamboo license details

Before updating the license:

  • It is recommended to back up the license.string contents found on <bamboo-home>/bamboo.cfg.xml before attempting any license changes. This is particularly useful if the applied license needs to be rolled back.
  • Some vendors would require different licenses once the main Bamboo one is modified. Suppose any custom apps or plugins are used in Bamboo. In that case, we recommend that before updating any new licenses, reach out to every third-party vendor and validate if any of the plugins would require additional licenses after the new Bamboo license is applied.

When you upgrade or renew your Bamboo license, you will receive a new license key. You will need to update your Bamboo server with the new license key.

See the Licensing FAQ if you have questions about licensing.


To update your Bamboo license key:

  1. Go to cogwheel icon > System > License details.
  2. Paste your new license into License key.
  3. Select Save new license.

When using Bamboo DC in an active-standby cluster:

Bamboo standby nodes will not update their license keys automatically. Modify the license.string contents found on <bamboo-home>/bamboo.cfg.xml manually and restart Bamboo on the standby node.

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