Running Bamboo as a Windows Service


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Once you have installed Bamboo, you can choose to run Bamboo as service so that it starts up every time windows restarts.

Upgrading Bamboo server

  • If you have just upgraded your Bamboo server, you must re-install the Bamboo service. You can do this by removing the service and installing it again.
  • If you run Bamboo as a Windows service, make sure that the user has 'Full Control' access to the following directories:
    • In version 5.1 or later:
      • <Bamboo_install_directory>/temp
    • In version 5.15 or later:
      • <Bamboo_install_directory>/temp
      • <Bamboo_home_directory>/xml-data/configuration/cipher


  1. Click on the Start menu in Windows,
  2. Select Bamboo from the programs list,
  3. Click on Install Service option to install Bamboo as a service in Windows.
  4. Click Start Service to start the service.



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