Passing Bamboo variables to a build script


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Bamboo global and build specific variables can be referred to in build scripts or maven pom.xml. Bamboo variables are not directly available in the builder execution context however.
They can be passed as parameters to the builder.


For example, you may want your Maven 2 version to be determined by Bamboo. In Maven 2 pom.xml you may have:


You can then specify the following in the Goal field of your build plan:

clean package -DbambooBuildNumber=${bamboo.buildNumber}

When the command runs, Bamboo will replace the buildNumber with the actual number (e.g. 1102), which will be passed to the underlying Maven build to use. The command will then produce a jar that looks like this: boo-test-1.1.1102-SNAPSHOT.jar.


You can pass Bamboo variables as ant parameters along with ant targets like:

clean test -Dbuild.key=${bamboo.buildKey}

In your ant build script just refer to this variable:

    <echo message="bamboo.buildKey = ${build.key}/>
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