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The instructions on this page describe how to upgrade to Bamboo 3.2 from a previous version of Bamboo. For details on the Bamboo 3.2 release, see the Bamboo 3.2 Release Notes.

Please follow the Bamboo 3.2-specific instructions on this page, in addition to the upgrade instructions in the Bamboo upgrade guide.

Please read the Supported platforms page for the full list of supported platforms for Bamboo.

On this page:

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The following upgrade notes are specific to Bamboo 3.2.

Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari now supported

We have amended our browser support policy. The latest stable versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari are now supported. The Supported platforms page now states this, as well as listing the versions of the browser that we test against., atlassian-user.xml and crowd-ehcache.xml moved

From Bamboo 3.2 onwards, the, atlassian-user.xml and crowd-ehcache.xml files can be found in $BAMBOO_HOME/xml-data/configuration.

Note, copies of these files will still exist in the old BAMBOO/webapp/WEB-INF/classes directory, however you can safely remove or ignore them after you upgrade to Bamboo 3.2.

Auto-Favorite Plugin removed from Bamboo

The auto-favorite plugin has been removed from Bamboo.

EC2-related changes

  • Default EC2 images are now Amazon Linux-based, if you have your own EBS, see Updating EBSes created for Fedora to support Amazon Linux for upgrade tips,
  • Logging in to your instances using root account is deprecated and will be removed in future versions. Instead, use ec2-user account - this user is also able to execute sudo without password,
  • Several build-related tools delivered with the images have been upgraded:
    1. JDK 6 has been upgraded to 6u26,
    2. Apache Ant has been upgraded to 1.8.2,
    3. PHPUnit has been upgraded to 3.4.15,
    4. VCSes (SVN, Mercurial, git and CVS) have been updated to the latest version available with Amazon Linux,
    5. Additional Grails versions have been installed: 1.3.4 and 1.3.7,
    6. The image now has make and GCC (gcc and g++) installed.

Upgrading from Bamboo 3.1 to 3.2

To upgrade to Bamboo 3.2, following the appropriate instructions below:

Upgrading from Bamboo prior to 3.1

In addition to the notes below, please read the Upgrade Guide for every version you are skipping during the upgrade. 

Notes for upgrading from Bamboo 2.6.x

  • You will need to upgrade to Bamboo 2.7.4 before upgrading to Bamboo 3.2. If you are not running Bamboo 2.6.3, we recommend that you upgrade to it before upgrading to Bamboo 2.7.4. Bamboo 2.6.3 can be downloaded from the Bamboo Archived Downloads page. Bamboo 2.7.x introduces a number of significant and irreversible changes, so a phased upgrade is recommended. Please see the Bamboo 2.7.x Upgrade Guide for more details.
  • You will need to set aside time, as described in the Bamboo 2.7.x Upgrade Guide, for Bamboo to migrate existing Plans to the new Plan structure in Bamboo 2.7.4.

Notes for upgrading from Bamboo 2.5 or earlier

  • If you are upgrading from Bamboo 2.5 or earlier, you will need to set aside time, as described in the Bamboo 2.6 Upgrade Guide for Bamboo to migrate its test result data (stored in XML files on the filesystem) into the database.

Notes for upgrading from a version of Bamboo prior to 2.0

  • If you are upgrading from a version of Bamboo prior to 2.0, you must upgrade to Bamboo 2.0.6 first before upgrading to Bamboo 2.6. Please read the Bamboo 2.0 Upgrade Guide for important upgrade instructions for upgrading from earlier versions of Bamboo.

Developing for Bamboo 3.2

If you are a Bamboo plugin developer, please refer to our Changes for Bamboo 3.2 guide, which outlines changes in Bamboo 3.2 that may affect Bamboo plugins compiled for Bamboo version 3.1.x or earlier.

Checking for Known Issues and Troubleshooting the Bamboo Upgrade

If something is not working correctly after you have completed the steps above to upgrade your Bamboo installation, please check for known Bamboo issues and try troubleshooting your upgrade as described below:

  • Check for known issues. Sometimes we find out about a problem with the latest version of Bamboo after we have released the software. In such cases we publish information about the known issues in the Bamboo Knowledge Base. Please check the Bamboo 3.2 Known Issues in the Bamboo Knowledge Base and follow the instructions to apply any necessary patches if necessary.
  • Did you encounter a problem during the Bamboo upgrade? Please refer to the guide to troubleshooting upgrades in the Bamboo Knowledge Base.
  • If you encounter a problem during the upgrade and cannot solve it, please create a support ticket and one of our support engineers will help you.
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