Copying and pasting code from Fisheye

Fisheye lets you copy and paste multiple lines of code directly from Fisheye to the system clipboard by dragging in the Fisheye window to select. 

How to do it

  1. While pressing Alt, drag your mouse over the text.
    A small temporary button labelled copy appears. 
  2. Click the copy button or just use your operating system's copy function.
    The selected code is added to the system clipboard. You can now use your operating system's regular paste function to make use of the code elsewhere.

For seamless user experience, we strongly recommend using the Copy Source for Fisheye and Crucible plugin which will allow you to copy and paste code for Fisheye and Crucible in an easy way. You can find the plugin in Atlassian Marketplace.

Screenshot: Copying Code from Fisheye

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