Crowd 5.2 Release Notes

29 September, 2023

The Crowd team is proud to bring you Crowd 5.2.

Crowd 5.2.x is the last version that supports Server licenses. Learn what this means for you



本リリースに関する重要な情報をアップグレード ノートで確認し、解決済みの課題の完全な一覧をご確認ください。

Crowd 5.2.x is the last release to support Server licenses

Crowd 5.2 will be the last Crowd feature release available to download for Server, prior to the Server end of support date on Feb 15, 2024. All feature releases after Crowd 5.2 will only support our Data Center offering. Crowd 5.2 will continue to receive security and bug fixes in adherence to our Support policies.

We recommend that you upgrade to Data Center to remain secure and supported.


Without protections in place, automated integrations and scripts can hammer your Crowd instance with huge bursts of requests, leading to drops in performance and downtime. This creates unnecessary work for admins who get paged (often after hours) to fix issues, and then have to comb through logs to find the culprit so it doesn’t happen again.

Rate limiting changes all this by giving your Crowd instance the power to self-protect. Admins can now control how many REST API requests automations and scripts can make, and how often they can make them, meaning increased performance and team productivity (and hopefully for admins, more sleep too). Learn more about rate limiting

Notify users about their new accounts

You can now choose to send notifications to users once you create new accounts for them. This option is available only for users created in internal directories. Learn more about email notifications


The audit log now shows information about creating, modifying, or removing user attributes. Learn more about the audit log

New Tomcat version

We've upgraded Apache Tomcat to version 9.

Security improvements

In Crowd 5.2.1, we've added two new credential encoding mechanisms:



Controlled directly from Crowd. It's a directory-wide feature so you can choose it for one directory, without affecting others. Can't be modified after a directory is created.

Advanced Atlassian-Security (PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512)

Directories, Applications

Controlled by the system property and disable by default. It's an instance-wide feature so it would affect all directories using Atlassian-Security and all applications.

Learn more about these improvements

Non-Marketplace apps upload disabled

Updated 22 April 2024

Starting from Crowd 5.2.4, manual uploads of non-Marketplace apps are disabled by default. Understand how to re-enable manual uploads

Complete list of changes and improvements

Here's a full list of issues resolved in this release:

Crowd 5.2.0 - 29 Sep, 2023

T キー 要約

Crowd 5.2.1 - 15 Nov, 2023

T キー 要約

Crowd 5.2.2 - 12 Dec, 2023

T キー 要約

Crowd 5.2.3 - 9 Jan, 2024

T キー 要約

Crowd 5.2.4 - 8 Apr, 2024

T キー 要約

最終更新日 2024 年 4 月 22 日


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