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1st May 2012

Atlassian is proud to present Stash 1.0, which provides a central place to create and manage Git repositories. It's the place where all that distributed code comes back together, where you can find the latest official version of your project, and where you can keep track of what's going on.

See the change log for Stash 1.0.x minor releases.


Providing feedback:

Please log your votes and issues . They help us decide what needs doing, and are much appreciated!


Git repository management


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Stash provides a simple and powerful interface to create and manage Git repositories. Create repositories in a couple of clicks, and quickly choose those of your users and groups who will be contributors to the project, and those who will be just observers.


Projects and permissions


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Since projects rarely consist of a single repository, Stash provides a convenient Project structure. This helps you to organize and manage repositories, and makes managing access to your repositories really simple.

With Stash you can empower end users to manage repositories themselves, while keeping control of the key administration functions. And because we want to make it easy for you to manage teams, Stash has a group management feature to help you grant permissions across your organization.


Built for Git, focused on Enterprise


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Stash has everything you need to create and manage Git repositories efficiently behind the safety of your own firewall.

Stash doesn't force administrators to use a pre-packaged appliance and so give up control. Whether on WindowsLinux or MacOS X, Stash will feel right at home on all platforms.

With LDAPCrowd and JIRA support, you can manage your team easily, whether they are a small number of users in Stash's internal directory, or 500 developers managed in your corporate directory.  


Browse your source and history


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Keep track of commits to the repositories you're involved with and dive into the changesets to see exactly what has changed in the source. Use Stash's user interface to quickly navigate your repository and view annotated changes in an easily digestible way.


JIRA integration


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JIRA integration saves users time when tracking and checking their development. Stash keeps track of all issues that are associated with commits. This allows users to navigate straight to the JIRA issues that are linked to the commits, and to see in JIRA an aggregate of all code changes related to an issue.


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The Stash 1.0 team

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Core team

Adam Ahmed
Brendan Humphreys
Bryan Turner
Conor MacNeill
David Pinn
Federico Silva Armas
Geoff Crain
Jason Hinch
Jonathan Poh
Michael McGlynn
Michael Studman
Nick Pellow
Pierre-Etienne Poirot
Xu-Heng Tjhin 

Team leads

Matt Watson
Seb Ruiz
Tim Pettersen


Michael Heemskerk

Project manager

Anton Mazkovoi


Ajay Sridhar
Armen Khachatryan
Daniel Rohan
Douglas Fabretti
Felipe Kraemer
Gurleen Anand
Renan Battaglin
Rene Verschoor
Zed Yap



Jens Schumacher
Sten Pittet

Design and user experience

Jake Causby
Matt Bond

Product marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti
Jeff Park

テクニカル ライティング

Paul Watson


James Fleming

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