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19th June 2012

Atlassian is proud to present Stash 1.1, which provides a simple and secure solution for managing your Git repositories in the Enterprise.

See the change log for Stash 1.1.x minor releases.


Providing feedback:

Please log your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing, and are much appreciated!


SSH support


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Developed from the ground up with enterprise level security as a #1 priority, Stash now supports SSH in addition to HTTPS. You can either use standard HTTPS authentication, or set up your public keys and connect to Stash using SSH. This resolves Stash's #1 feature request, focused on adding support for SSH security.

Developers can manage their own SSH keys, and add as many as they like. Stash administrators can grant or revoke the SSH keys of any user.



Fast browsing


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Stash 1.1 greatly improves productivity by making it easier to navigate and work with Git repositories.

Recent repositories

The new Repositories item in the Stash header is for those developers who work with several repositories and want a quick way to get back to one of those repositories.

Mouse-less productivity

Stash helps you to work even more efficiently without a mouse. Whether viewing changesets, browsing directories or jumping through your commit list, simply press 'J' or 'K' to move to the next or previous.



Simple permissions


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Stash keeps you and your developers productive by providing a way to structure your repositories and manage permissions with a simple, yet powerful, user interface.

  • Global permissions – delegate administration of projects to key users and groups, to give your developers the freedom to create and manage repositories
  • Projects permissions – use simple permissions at the project level to control access to repositories for users and groups

The new permission screens provide a great overview of who has access to your projects, and managing permissions is even faster.



Image diffs


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Stash makes diffs more accessible to everyone on your team, not just the back-end coders.

Have you ever tried to find the subtle difference between two images? That difference may be small like a text change or as large as a page redesign. Web designers, front-end developers, and maybe a few QA folks, rejoice and check out Stash's interactive image diff viewer.

Maybe even more useful is ediffs. When viewing a diff it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish textual changes. Stash solves this with the addition of ediffs so you can clearly see the textual changes added or removed between two revisions.


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The Stash 1.1 team

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Core team

Adam Ahmed
Bryan Turner
David Pinn
Federico Silva Armas
Jason Hinch
Jonathan Poh
Kostya Marchenko
Michael McGlynn
Michael Studman
Pierre-Etienne Poirot
Tim Pettersen
Xu-Heng Tjhin 

Team leads

Matt Watson
Seb Ruiz


Michael Heemskerk

Project manager

Anton Mazkovoi


Ajay Sridhar
Armen Khachatryan
Daniel Rohan
Douglas Fabretti
Felipe Kraemer
Gurleen Anand
Renan Battaglin
Rene Verschoor
Zed Yap



Jens Schumacher

Design and user experience

Matt Bond

Product marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti
Jeff Park

テクニカル ライティング

Paul Watson


James Fleming

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