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The instructions on this page describe how to upgrade Stash from a previous version.

Please read the Supported platforms page for the full list of supported platforms for Stash.

アップグレード ノート

These upgrade notes are specific to Stash 1.0.x. We strongly recommend that you upgrade Stash by following these steps:

1. Stop Stash!

To stop Stash, run the following command in a terminal:

  • Windows の場合:

    <Stash installation directory>\bin\stop-stash.bat
  • Linux and Mac:

    <Stash installation directory>/bin/
2. Back up your Stash instance!
  • Back up the Stash home directory. This is where your Stash data is stored. The home directory is specified either in <Stash installation directory>\bin\setenv.bat or in the STASH_HOME environment variable (on Windows).
  • If you are using an external database, back up this database. Follow the directions provided by the database vendor to do this.
3. Download and install Stash as usual

In particular, you must redefine the Stash home directory, either in <Stash installation directory>\bin\setenv.bat or in the STASH_HOME environment variable (on Windows). See the following for more information:

If you made custom changes to the configuration of your existing Stash installation, for example for the port or context path, you will have to make these changes for the new installation as well.

4. Start Stash

See the following for more information:

Upgrading from Stash 1.0

There are no known issues associated with upgrading from Stash 1.0 to 1.0.1.

Developing for Stash

If you are a Stash plugin developer, please refer to our Stash developer documentation.

Checking for known issues and troubleshooting the Stash upgrade

If something is not working correctly after you have completed the steps above to upgrade your Stash installation, please check for known Stash issues and try troubleshooting your upgrade as described below:

  • Check for known issues. Sometimes we find out about a problem with the latest version of Stash after we have released the software. In such cases we publish information about the known issues in the Stash Knowledge Base.
  • If you encounter a problem during the upgrade and cannot solve it, please create a support ticket and one of our support engineers will help you.
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