Troubleshooting SAML authentication failures with additional debug logging



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When working with Atlassian Authentication App the administrator may encounter SAML authentication failures on which the information on the UI or the default entries in the application log may not indicate the cause.

This document describes the steps to log additional entries in the log that may help with the investigation. Atlassian Support may also ask for this additional data.


You can follow the steps below to log additional debugging data.

The screen record below is an example of following these steps and collecting the suggested data.

  1. Temporarily enable DEBUG for the following packages.

  2. Recreate the issue on the browser while collecting a HAR file.
  3. Disable the additional logging.
    1. The additional entries go to the application log (i.e. on Jira they are added to atlassian-jira.log).
  4. If working with Atlassian Support, share the following details in your ticket.
    1. The HAR file generated while recreating the problem.
    2. The output of the SQL queries from Providing Atlassian Authentication App data to Support.
    3. The Support Zip file from all nodes of your Data Center cluster.

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