Maintenance page for JIRA, Confluence at proxy level


Configure maintenance page for JIRA, Confluence, etc at proxy level during planned releases. You want to show the custom HTML page to users during release and at the same time allow admins/QA to access applications and don't break all existing application links.


  • Option1. Whitelist IP at proxy level. Allow connection from JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Fisheye/Crucible IP address to Apache Httpd, then add to this list your Admin/QA IPs. All other will be redirected to Maintenance landing page by mod_rewrite

  • Option2

    • Before Maintenance
    1. Configure additional VirtualHost with new IP at LB/proxy (IP2), use same SSL certificate, proxy to all required applications
    2. Add this IP2 to hosts records at Admins/QA PC
    3. Check that applications are accessible by them
    4. Configure Whitelist IPs (from JIRA, Confluence etc IP address) for IP1 to allow communication between application. 
    • During Maintenance
    1. All requests will be temporally redirected to maintenance page.
    2. Access applications though IP2
    3. Revert configuration changes for IP1



最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 12 日


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