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How do I add the Jira Cloud app to my Slack workspace?

Click here to start setting up the Jira Cloud for Slack app. After you log in with your Atlassian account, you’ll get a direct message from the Jira Cloud app in Slack. From here, you’ll be able to connect your first Jira project to a Slack channel.

How do I connect a Slack channel to my Jira Project?

Once you add the Jira Cloud app to your Slack workspace, you can set up a Jira Cloud project to send notifications into a Slack channel a couple of different ways.

Invite the bot to a channel

Any time you invite the Jira Cloud bot into a Slack channel, the bot will give you the ability to quickly create a connection between that channel and a project:

If your Atlassian account is connected to multiple Jira Cloud sites, select the site and then the project that you want to connect to channel. Once you’ve established this connection, you’ll get a confirmation sent to the channel.

Type /jira connect

In public and private channels, you can type /jira connect to quickly set up a connection between Jira Cloud and Slack.

Note that this functionality is not supported in direct messages with other Slack users.

How do I manage my connection between a Jira Cloud project and a Slack channel?

You can manage your subscription settings by typing /jira manage in the channel you want to update. From there, click Manage subscription to configure the connection in Jira Cloud. 

Which Slash commands does the Jira Cloud Slack app support?

There are a few slash commands you can use while interacting with Jira Cloud for Slack:

スラッシュ コマンド


/jira connect

Connect a Slack channel to a Jira project and receive updates on the latest notifications of that project.

/jira manage

Manage the Jira project connections for that specific channel

/jira create

Quickly create Jira tickets from Slack by filling out the summary, description, and issue type with the dialog that is created from this command.

If you have a project connected to the Slack channel you issue this command from, the project will be automatically selected as the project for the created issue.

/jira create [issueType] [Summary] [description]

An even quicker way to create Jira issues. You can specify issue type, summary, and description by using this syntax. For example:

/jira create bug Printer is on fire

The printer on floor 16 is on fire. I suspect this has a high priority

/jira HD-1

Get information about a specific Jira Cloud issue. Note that this information will only be visible the person who uses the command.

/jira feedback

Give feedback about the Jira Cloud for Slack app.

/jira logout

Log out of your Atlassian ID. Your Atlassian ID is used to retrieve the list of sites to connect to or create Jira issues from. Logging out will not remove or suspend any of your previously set up subscriptions.

/jira help

Show help information about different slash commands that are available to you.

Can the Jira Cloud for Slack app provide my team a preview of Jira issues (aka unfurling)?

When someone writes a message with one or more Jira issue keys (in upper case, so DEV-36 not dev-36) and the Jira Cloud bot is present in the conversation, the bot will unfurl the message and show a preview of the issues:

Is this integration compatible with Jira Server or Jira Data Center??

Jira Cloud for Slack is a new bot that's optimized to work with Jira Cloud. If you're using Jira Server, check out the Jira Server integration instead.

すでに Jira Server 用の Slack 連携を行っています。新しい Jira Cloud アプリに切り替えるにはどうすればよいですか。

Jira Cloud サイトですでに Webhook に基づいて Jira Server 連携をセットアップしている場合、次の手順に従って Jira Cloud アプリに切り替えます。

  1. Go to your-slack-team.slack.com/apps/manage and choose Jira Server.

  2. For each configuration you want to remove, click the pencil icon and then choose Disable or Remove in the top-right corner.

  3. Go to https://slack.atlassian.com and click Add to Slack to install the new Jira Cloud for Slack app.

  4. インストール手順に従って新しいアプリをセットアップします。

Jira Cloud サイトを確認したら、新しいアプリを構成して既存の設定を管理できます。次のようになります。

特定の Jira Cloud プロジェクトまたは課題の通知が届きません。なぜですか。

If @jira is connected to a Jira Cloud project with issue-level security, you won't receive Slack notifications for issues with security settings.

Why am I seeing the message "Connecting with this Jira Cloud instance was disabled by administrator"?

Your site administrator needs to enable the Jira Cloud app at https://<instancename>.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/ac/jira-slack-integration/addon-config-page.


Yes, absolutely. This integration is built and maintained by Atlassian. If you need help, visit https://support.atlassian.com.

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