Configuring SMTP

You can configure and customize the Fisheye mail server in a number of ways:

  • Configure SMTP settings in the Fisheye admin area - described below on this page.
  • Customize the templates used for email notifications sent by Fisheye - described on Customizing email notifications.
  • Tune the mail client in Fisheye with system properties - see JVM system properties.

To configure SMTP settings in Fisheye:

  1. Go to the Admin screen, click Server (under 'Global Settings') and look for the 'Mail Server' section.
  2. Click Edit config
  3. You can edit the following settings:

    Send emails from

    Server address: Fisheye and Crucible will use the From Address set below.

    User address: Fisheye and Crucible will use the email address in the user's profile.

    From Address

    The sender address used when Fisheye or Crucible sends an email, e.g. ''

    SMTP Host name

    The host name of the SMTP server.

    Enable debug

    Optional. Turn this on to enable debug logging from the mail server. Useful in tracking down mail server connectivity problems.

    SMTP ポート

    Optional. The port to connect to on the SMTP host. Fisheye needs to use port 25 or port 587, because unlike Jira its initial connection doesn't use SSL. Port 25 will be used if no port is specified.

    Use SSL/TLS

    Optional, defaults to 'False'. This turns on Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security security for mail servers that require it, or use it by default.

    Username & Password

    Optional. Username and password for authenticated SMTP access.

    Connection timeout

    The time in seconds to wait for a connection to the SMTP server (leave blank for infinite timeout).


    The time in seconds to wait for a response from the SMTP server (leave blank for infinite timeout).

  4. 保存をクリックします。

Once you have configured SMTP, you can click Send test email in the 'Mail Server' section to confirm the SMTP connectivity. 

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