Configuring CAPTCHA



アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


This page contains instructions on enabling and disabling CAPTCHA testing on the following login-screen features of Fisheye and Crucible:

  • Public signup.
  • Password retrieval.

Administrators can enable or disable CAPTCHA testing on the public signup and password retrieval screens. CAPTCHA testing is enabled by default.

You may want to turn CAPTCHA off if you are serving Fisheye or Crucible behind a firewall.


  1. Open the Fisheye Admin screen, then choose 'Security' from the left navigation bar.
  2. The Fisheye Security Settings screen opens.
  3. Just below 'Public Signup', the 'Use CAPTCHA' option can be set to OFF or ON.
  4. Select the desired setting by clicking 'Turn (OFF or ON)'.
  5. The setting is immediately changed.

    Screenshot: The Fisheye Security Settings screen

    (info) To see instructions on configuring CAPTCHA for brute force login protection, see the page on Brute force login protection.
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