Automating Administrative Actions in Fisheye

With some command line scripting and a tool like wget, and Live HTTP Headers for firefox you can automate actions. In this example, Fisheye will automatically rescan revision properties of an SVN when the commit message is updated to reference a new Jira issue.

  1. Enable live HTTP headers in firefox, then perform the action you want to perform automatically via the Fisheye Adminstration UI.
  2. In the live HTTP headers window you should see some output similar to the following:
  3. The important parts are the URL I've highlighted above ( and any GET/POST parameters (startRev=0&endRev=58&rep=2&action=rescan)
  4. Now we can construct a script with wget to automate this:

    wget --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies cookie.txt --post-data="origUrl=&adminPassword=admin"
    wget --load-cookies cookie.txt --post-data="startRev=0&endRev=58&rep=2&action=rescan"

With that you could generate a post-revprop-change hook in svn that will update the repositories automatically.

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