Confluence 2.8.2 アップグレード ノート

Confluence 2.8.2 リリース ノート



アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


Confluence 2.8.2 is a recommended upgrade which fixes some security flaws as well as other bugs. You'll find details of the fixes in the release notes.


If you are already running a version of Confluence, please follow these instructions to upgrade to the latest version:

  1. Before you upgrade, we strongly recommend that you back up your confluence.home directory and database. See the documentation on backing up your Confluence site.

  2. If your version of Confluence is earlier than 2.8.0, read the release notes and upgrade guides for all releases between your version and the latest version. In particular:
    • Please read the 2.8 upgrade notes.
    • 2.1 以前のバージョンからアップグレードする際には、2.2 リリース ノートをお読みください。
    • If you are upgrading from 2.2 or earlier, you will need to upgrade to Confluence 2.7.0 first, confirm the upgrade was successful, then upgrade again from version 2.7.0 to version 2.8.2. For more details, please refer to CONF-11767.

  3. Download the latest version of Confluence.

  4. Follow the instructions in the Upgrade Guide.
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