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アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


An Atlassian organization provides a centralized place for managing your products and users. Organizations are particularly helpful if your company manages more than one site and wants insight into all your sites and products and the users who can access them. For more details about how organizations work, see Get more security and control across your organization.

When you arrive at your organization, you land on your organization’s Overview. Refer to the screenshot for more details about what you see.

We're in the process of updating the admin experience. In the meantime, your organization may look different from the screenshot.

  1. Directory: Includes a list of accounts you manage, assuming you’ve verified your domains. It’s also where you can connect your identity provider for user provisioning. Learn more

  2. Security: Get more control and security features when you subscribe to Atlassian Access, giving you the full benefit of organizations. Learn more

  3. Settings: Update your details, make a user an organization admin, add another domain, and create an API key. Learn more

  4. Billing: Update and manage your bill for Atlassian Access. Learn more

  5. Sites and products: See all the products you use and their sites, where you can administer users and update groups and product access. Learn more

In addition to administering your organization from, you can use the organization REST API to retrieve details about your organization, such as all of its users and domains.

Create and find your organization

Depending on your current admin experience, you may need to create an organization (if you haven’t already) or you may automatically get one.

Find your organization

If you recently created a site, you may automatically have an organization. If you see an option for Back to organization near the top of the left navigation, you have an organization. Click Back to organization for your organization settings.

If you aren’t sure whether you have an organization, go to

  • If you land on the organization Overview, you have an organization.

  • If you land on your site, you need to create an organization.

Create your organization

As the creator of an organization, you’re the first organization admin, and you can add others as organization admins. See Give users admin permissions for more details about what organization admins can do and how to add them.


  1. Go to

  2. Click Create your organization and follow the prompts for creating an organization.

After you create an organization:

  • If you’re already a site admin for a site, you can add that site to your organization.

  • If don’t have a site (because you use Bitbucket), you can use your organization to manage your user’s accounts.

Rename your organization

組織の名前の変更がユーザーまたはセキュリティ ポリシーに影響を与えることはありません。


  1. From Settings in the left navigation, click Details.

  2. Make your update from Organization name and click Save.

If you don’t have the Settings navigation item, click the edit (pencil) icon from the Overview page to rename your organization.


対象のドメインを所有していることを証明するため、1 つ以上のドメインを検証します。ドメインを検証すると、そのドメインのメール アドレスを使用するすべての Atlassian アカウントが組織の管理対象アカウントになります。詳細については、「組織のドメインを検証する」を参照してください。

You can then subscribe to Atlassian Access to apply security and authentication policies for those managed accounts. Your users with those accounts will be subject to the policies you've set, no matter which Atlassian products they log in to.

Atlassian Access では、ミッションクリティカルな Atlassian Cloud 製品を利用するために必要となるセキュリティとコンプライアンス ポリシーを一箇所で管理および適用できます。 Atlassian Access の詳細についてご確認ください。

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