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General FAQ

What version of Confluence do I need to run Team Calendars?

Team Calendars is compatible with Confluence 3.5.x and later versions, but there may be some features that require a specific version of Confluence. Check the Team Calendars Compatibility Chart for more info.

Why are you charging for this plugin?

There are a few reasons:

  • We feel we can solve a lot of specific problems with the combination of events, people, projects (JIRA applications) and content. Atlassian sees this plugin working alongside your personal meeting or events calendar.
  • Not every customer needs a team calendaring solution. Hence, by not bundling Team Calendars with Confluence, it doesn't increase the cost of Confluence for those customers who aren't going to use it.
  • The old plugin was not maintained or supported. In contrast, Team Calendars is maintained and supported moving forward.
What's happening with the old Confluence calendar plugin?

The old calendar plugin was never officially supported and as such carries no support from Atlassian. The old calendar plugin does not work with Confluence 3.5.x or later versions. There are currently no plans to continue development on the old calendar plugin. If you are currently using the old plugin, there is a manual migration path to Team Calendars available by importing your iCal files.

Where can I give you feedback?

To give the Team Calendars team feedback, raise a suggestion in the Confluence Server project on our Jira instance.

Why is my Calendar only working in read only mode?

This usually indicates that something is wrong with your license. Check that it is properly installed, and has not expired by checking > Add-ons > Team Calendars.

Is Team Calendars available for Confluence Data Center?

Yes. All you need is a Team Calendars license for Confluence Data Center. Learn more about Data Center licensing

Features FAQ

Does Team Calendars work on my phone or device?

Maybe! It depends whether you have a calendar app that supports iCal or CalDAV. See Subscribe to and from Team Calendars to find out how to get set up.

Can I add more than one person to an event for my people calendar?

Yes you can. Just add multiple names in the people field.

Is Team Calendars available in my local language?

Team Calendars is available in English and many of the the bundled Confluence languages. See Choosing a Default Language for a list of languages available in Confluence.

Can I change the date/time format (E.g. mm/dd or dd/mm)?

The date format is dependent on your language settings and automatically adjusts accordingly - this is a Confluence user and global setting. An admin can set the site default language (see Choosing a Default Language) and you can also set your preference (see Edit Your User Settings).

Can I change the starting day of the week?

Team Calendars uses the language set in each user's profile to determine which day of the week should be the first day in the calendar. For example, if a user has selected US English, Sunday will be the first day of the week. If they select UK English, Monday will be the first day of the week.

If you want to override the default for all users, regardless of their profile setting, go to > General Configuration > Team Calendars and choose a specific day of the week.

Can I subscribe to Google Public Calendar from Team Calendars?

Currently, it's not possible to subscribe to Google Public Calendar from Team Calendars. This is a known issue with Google Calendar; it appears that Google Calendar Public .ics file doesn't contain the data/event that can be read by Team Calendars to display events. Only Google Private Calendar can be subscribed from Team Calendars for now.

How can I make JIRA events and events from external calendars more accurate?

Events from JIRA and external calendars are cached to help your calendars load more quickly. The cache expiry (time to live) defaults to 10 minutes, and is configurable. Go to Team Calendars > General Settings and decrease the Cache expiry time if you want these events to update more frequently.

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