Confluence Data Center

Data Center is our self-managed edition of Confluence built for enterprises. It provides you with additional deployment flexibility and administrative control to help you easily manage mission-critical Confluence sites. Learn more about the benefits of Confluence Data Center on our website.

Data Center deployment options

Standalone (non-clustered)

Run the Confluence Data Center application on a single server, just like a Server installation.

This allows you to take advantage of Data Center-only features without adding to your infrastructure.

Learn more about Data Center features.


Run Confluence Data Center in a cluster with multiple application nodes, and a load balancer to direct traffic.

Clustering is designed for large, or mission-critical, Confluence sites, allowing you to provide high availability, and maintain performance as you scale.

Learn more about clustering with Data Center.

Standalone Confluence Data Center is only available in 7.2 or later.


Install or upgrade Confluence Data Center

Clustering with Confluence Data Center

アトラシアンの担当者に直接お問い合せいただくか、アトラシアンの Web サイトで Confluence Data Center のメリットについてご確認ください。

Data Center ライセンスに含まれる機能については、「Confluence Server と Data Center の機能の比較」を参照してください。

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You can purchase a Data Center license or create an evaluation license at

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