Can’t edit files in Confluence Server using Atlassian Companion app in Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, or Safari


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This article applies to Confluence Server and Data Center 6.11 to 7.2.


Confluence Server and Data Center users are unable to edit attached files using the Atlassian Companion app. When they click Edit with in the preview, or Edit on the attachments page, or macro, they are prompted to download the Companion app, even though the Companion app is running.

This problem is most likely to affect people who use:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • バージョン 55 以前の Firefox
  • another desktop app running locally on port 31459.


Confluence Server and Data Center versions 6.11.0 and above. These versions have the Atlassian Companion app enabled by default.

Instances with the Edit in Office dark feature enabled don’t use the Companion app, so they are not affected.


Atlassian introduced the Companion App in Confluence 6.11.x to improve the experience of editing attachments in Confluence. When a user edits a file in Confluence, Javascript is executed in the browser to open a connection to a webserver embedded in the Companion App, which runs locally on the end users' computer. This was made as a WebSocket Secure (WSS) connection, using a private certificate issued to Atlassian.

Atlassian became aware of a vulnerability and immediately revoked this certificate, which meant that editing files stopped working in some browsers. See Confluence Security Advisory - 2019-12-18 (CVE-2019-15006) for details of this vulnerability, and the action you should take.  Note that the fix for the security issue does not resolve the problem of people not being able to edit files using Companion in some browsers. 


Upgrade to Confluence 7.3 or later.  See Confluence 7.3 Release Notes to find out about the improvements to file editing in Confluence. 


If you can't yet upgrade to Confluence 7.3, several workarounds are available for users who can't edit files due to this problem. 

Use an alternate browser

This problem does not affect people using Chrome or Firefox 56 or later.

Revert to Edit in Office

You can choose to enable the Edit in Office dark feature which will allow users to edit Microsoft Office documents. This workaround is only available in select Confluence versions, and there are limitations on the browser and operating system combinations that can be used to edit Microsoft Office files. See Edit in Office using the Office Connector: Configuration matrix for more information.

Disable Companion App integration in Confluence preview

You can also choose to temporarily disable the “Edit with” functionality in the Confluence preview. Users will not see the “Edit with” option. 

  1. Go to  > Manage apps.
  2. Choose System Apps from the drop-down menu then search for Confluence Previews.
  3. Click to expand the list of plugin modules.
  4. Disable the following plugin modules. Not all of these modules may be present in your version of the plugin.
    • Edit With plugin for the Media Viewer (companion-plugin)
    • 埋め込み「Edit With (編集)」ボタン (埋め込み編集)

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