Integrating Bitbucket Server with Atlassian applications

Administering Bitbucket Server



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When you integrate Bitbucket Server with Atlassian applications you get the following benefits:




スマート コミットを使用するJira 7.1+Bitbucket Server 4.2 以上
Related branches, commits and pull requests are all summarized in the Development panel in a Jira issue.Jira 6.2+Stash 2.10+

Create Git branches from within Jira and Jira Agile.

Jira 6.1+Stash 2.8+

Transition Jira issues from within Bitbucket Server.

Jira 5.0+Stash 2.7+

See the Jira issues related to Bitbucket Server commits and pull requests.

Jira 5.0+ Stash 2.1+

See all the code changes commited for the issue (on the Jira Source tab).

Click through to see a changed file, or the full commit , in Bitbucket Server.

Jira 5.0.4+Plugin version bundled in Jira
Jira 5.0–5.0.3Jira Fisheye Plugin
Jira 4.4.xJira Fisheye Plugin 3.4.12
Jira 4.3.xJira Fisheye Plugin 3.1.8

When Bitbucket Server is integrated with Hipchat, notifications are sent to a Hipchat room whenever someone pushes to a repository in Bitbucket Server.

 Stash 2.2+

Bamboo responds to repository events published by Bitbucket Server to:

  • Trigger a plan build when a developer pushes to the connected repository.
  • Create or delete plan branches when a developer creates or removes a branch in the connected repository.

When you link a build plan to a Bitbucket Server repository, build notifications are automatically enabled. 

See Bamboo integration.

Bamboo 5.6+Stash 3.1+
See the latest build status for a commit when viewing Bitbucket Server commits and pull requests.Bamboo 4.4+Stash 2.1+

When you have Sourcetree installed, you can:

  • clone a Bitbucket Server repository using Sourcetree.
  • check out a branch in Sourcetree, when viewing files, commits or branches in a Bitbucket Server repository.
Sourcetree 1.7+Stash 2.7+

When Bitbucket Server is integrated with Crowd, you can:

  • use Crowd for user and group management, and for authentication.
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