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While our support portal ( is unavailable, please send an e-mail to one of the addresses below to receive technical support and continue to monitor our status page for updates. Use one of the addresses below for the product you need help with and also provide us with the following information:

  1. Summarize the issue
  2. Affected version (Server and Data Center only)
  3. Description of the problem
  4. SEN (Server and Data Center) or domain name (Cloud)

    Locating your SEN
  5. 重大度

    What is the impact to your business?

    レベル 1 - Critical

    業務への深刻な影響: 業務を妨げる深刻な問題が本番システムで発生している。多数のユーザーが業務を続行できず、利用可能な回避策も不明。

    レベル 2 - Major

    業務への大幅な影響: 業務に大きな影響を与える問題が本番システムで発生している。多数のユーザーが影響を受けているが、限られた範囲で業務を継続可能。

    レベル 3 - Medium

    Normal Business Impact: Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production system. A small number of users are affected.

    レベル 4 - Low

    Minimal Business Impact: Issue occurring on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue.

  6. Let us know if you’re currently working with our Migration team so we can properly route your request.

During normal operations these e-mail addresses are not monitored and your e-mail will not be responded to or forwarded. 

Temporary e-mail addresses


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  • Bitbucket Server
  • Fisheye
  • Crucible


製品Email addresses
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