Data pipeline export consistently fails while processing a particular issue


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When exporting data using the data pipeline API in Jira Data Center, the export fails.

The following error is returned in the REST response:

"key": "unexpected.exception",
"message": "Failed on the extraction of entity with id: '1234567' with: (through reference chain:[\"history\"])"


The data pipeline is designed to fail hard if there’s an issue with the data being exported to assist users to fix potentially “bad data” before proceeding with another export. For example, an exception may be thrown while processing the issue history file because an issue may have NULL value in the Status Field table, when such a field is mandatory for creating an issue.


The entity ID provided in the response (e.g. 1234567 in the above example) refers to the Issue ID. You can search the issue file to get the issue key (e.g. ABC-123) and assess if there's a problem with the issue (e.g. synthetically created).

If this is bad data, you can either:

  • Delete this issue.
  • Opt-out of exporting this project. Note that the opt-out feature was introduced in the Data Pipeline version 2.3.0+.
  • Query the relevant table and update missing values. We advise to make changes in consultations with Atlassian Support and your DBA with a backup made prior to modifications. Providing stacktrace to the support team can pinpoint which entry in the table requires modification.
Last modified on Mar 30, 2023


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