Documentation for GreenHopper 6.2.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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(info)スプリントは スクラムボードにのみ適用されます。

スプリントイテレーションとしても知られ、たとえば作業中のマイルストーンバージョンなど、個々のプロダクトのエンハンスを開発チームが実装、提供する短い( 2 週間から 4 週間を理想とする)期間のことです。 


Go to Plan mode to prioritise the issues in your backlog and allocate them to sprints. You can click a sprint's name to view the issues belonging to that sprint.


(tick) また、JQL を使用してスプリントの課題を検索することもできます。例えば、スプリント名で検索:

sprint = "February 1"

For details, see the JIRA JQL documentation on the sprint field, and the openSprints() and closedSprints() functions.


Screenshot: a Scrum board in 'Plan' mode (click to enlarge)

In Plan mode you can:

  • Prioritise the Backlog — Create issues for your backlog, rank and estimate them, and drag-and-drop to add them to a sprint.
    (info) Right-click selected issues to add them to a sprint, send them to the top/bottom of the backlog, export them to Excel, view them in the JIRA Issue Navigator, or perform .
  • Estimate Stories — You can use the 'J' and 'K' keys to move through issues in the backlog and get details on the right-hand side of the screen. Plug in your estimates or story points as you go.
    (info) Note that, by default, the Story Points field is only available to issues of type 'Story' or 'Epic' — you can change this as described in GreenHopper JIRA Configuration.
  • Create Sub-Tasks — To break a story (issue) down into implementable chunks, go to the sub-task tab (click the folder icon) to view and create sub-tasks.
  • Organise via Epics — Group related stories into an epic. Click EPICS to view the Epics panel, where you can create epics, drag-and-drop issues into epics, and filter by epics.
  • Plan Versions — Assign issues to upcoming versions. Click VERSIONS to view the Versions panel, where you can create and edit versions, assign issues to versions via drag-and-drop, and filter by versions.
  • Plan, and Plan Again — When you're happy with the stories for the iteration, start a sprint and the stories will move into Work mode. While a sprint is active in Work mode, you can still plan subsequent iterations in Plan mode (click Add Sprint), but you won't be able to start them until the active iteration is completed. (You can, however, drag and drop an issue in Plan mode onto the active sprint.) Note that you can only start (or complete) a sprint if you have 'Administer Projects' permission for all projects that match the board's filter.

An issue will only be visible in Plan mode if:

  • 課題がボードの保存済みフィルターに一致していること(フィルターの設定を参照 )
  • the issue's status maps to one of the board's columns (but not the 'Done' column).