Linking Crucible to Jira

Jira Software is Atlassian's issue tracking and project management application.

See Jira integration in Crucible for a description of all the integrations you get when Crucible is linked with Jira Software.

This page describes how to integrate Jira Software with Crucible. If you're linking Crucible to an Atlassian Cloud Jira Software instance, please see Link to server applications from Cloud.

When Crucible was first installed, Jira Software integration may have been configured using the setup wizard, which configures the Jira Software connection automatically for user management. See Configuring Jira integration in the Setup Wizard.

However, Jira Software integration with Crucible can be configured at any time after installation, as described on this page.

Initial configuration in Jira Software

Configure the following setting in each instance of Jira Software that you wish to link to Crucible:

Consider also the following, to make full use of the integration between Crucible and Jira Software:

Linking Crucible with Jira Software instances

You can integrate Crucible with one or more instances of Jira Software from the Crucible administration area. There are two parts to integrating with a Jira Software instance:

  • Setting up an application link between Jira Software and Crucible, described below, for sharing information and facilitating integration features.
  • Linking Crucible with Jira Software for delegating user and group management to your Jira Software server. You would only do this with one instance of Jira Software.

Configuring an application link with Jira Software

This section describes how to create a two-way applications link between Crucible and Jira Software

To create a new application link between Crucible and Jira Software:

  1. Go to your Crucible administration screen and click Application Links (under 'Global Settings').
  2. Enter the URL for the Jira Software instance you want to link to and click Create new link.
  3. Complete the application link wizard to connect Crucible to your Jira Software server. You must make use of the automatic link-back from Jira Software to Crucible to get full integration (you'll need the Jira system administrator global permission for that).

For Crucible 3.2 and later, creating a new application link now uses OAuth by default and enables both 3-legged OAuth (3LO) and 2-legged OAuth (2LO).

To update an existing application link with Jira Software:

When you update an older application link to use OAuth, 3-legged authentication is applied by default. However, you'll need to explicitly enable 2-legged authentication in order to see Crucible information in the Jira Software issue development panel (when integrated with Jira 6.2 or later).  Enable 2LO for the application link as follows:

  1. Go to the Crucible admin area and click Add-ons > Application Links.
  2. Click Edit for the app link with Jira Software.
  3. For both Outgoing Authentication and Incoming Authentication:
    1. Click OAuth
    2. Check Allow 2-legged OAuth.
    3. [更新] をクリックします。

The application link update process will involve you logging into Jira Software for a short time to configure the Jira Software end of the link, before returning you to  Crucible.

Connecting to Jira Software for user management

To manage your Crucible users in Jira Software, you first configure a connection with Jira Software, then set up the user directory in Jira. 

See Connecting to Jira for user managementfor details.

Inline issue creation

Inline issue creation allows a user to create a Jira Software issue from a review comment. The user must have the 'Comment' permission in Crucible to see the Create Issue link in the comment. See Creating Jira issues from the review.

This requires that Crucible is integrated with Jira 5.0, or later, and is disabled if Crucible is integrated with an earlier version of Jira Software.

When creating the issue, the Create Issue dialog only displays required fields for the selected issue type.

  • A Jira Software administrator can configure other fields to be required (and so displayed) from within Jira Software. See Specifying Field Behavior
  • Not all field types are supported. In particular, unbundled custom field types are not supported. See Supported fields for inline issue creation.
  • If any required field for the selected issue type is not supported, Crucible displays an error, with a link to create the issue directly in Jira Software. This link will pre-populate the project, issue type, summary and description fields, but will not create a link from the comment to the issue. 

In the new issue in Jira Software, you see a link back to the comment in Crucible. However:

  • Issue links may be disabled in Jira Software.
  • The Jira Software login that Crucible uses needs permission to create links.
  • The Fisheye plugin (available from the Atlassian Marketplace) must be installed in Jira Software for permission checking on the display of issue links in Jira Software.

You can disable the Inline Issue Creation plugin in Crucible to restore the earlier behavior.

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