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From any review comment (general, file, inline) in Crucible, you can create a Jira Software issue directly from the comment. This requires that Crucible is integrated with Jira, version 5.0 or later, and is disabled if you have an earlier version of Jira Software.

Inline issue creation allows:

  • Tracking of the status of the comment
  • A faster way to pull out incidental suggestions raised in reviews as Jira Software issues
  • A quick link back to the comment from the Jira Software issue, using Remote Issue Links.

You might find this useful when: 

  1. Tracking the status of a review:
    1. The 'Issues Raised from Comments' section in the review shows the open/closed status of related issues.
    2. Raising related issues enforces dealing with subtasks before the review can be closed.
  2. Closing off a review:
    1. You can create Jira Software issues, unrelated to the current review, to track matters to be dealt with later.

Creating a Jira Software issue

To create a Jira Software issue from a review, click Create Issue in an existing comment. Note that you need the 'Comment' permission in Crucible to see the Create Issue link.

Crucible suggests a Jira Software instance, project and issue type, but you can choose from the available options. You can choose Sub-task from the Jira Issue Type list if a Jira issue is already linked to the review.

Crucible only displays required fields for the issue type; these can be configured in Jira Software by your administrator.

Once the issue is created. the comment displays a link to the issue in Jira Software, and in Jira Software, the issue displays a link back to the comment in Crucible. The 'Issues raised from comments' section of the review displays links to the Jira Software issues.


See also Creating a review from Jira.


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