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You can monitor your agents' status to check that all agents are functioning as expected.

Online versus Offline agents:

  • An Online agent is an agent which is currently available for use by Bamboo. Local agents are always online, although remote agents may be either online or offline.

  • An Offline agent is a remote agent which has been registered with the Bamboo server, was online but is now unavailable for builds because:
    • The Bamboo remote agent process (running on the remote hardware) was stopped.
    • The Bamboo server (for whatever reason) cannot communicate with the remote hardware that is running the Bamboo remote agent process.

Bamboo administrators can manually disable an online agent to prevent it from being used in build generation. The agent will still be online and it can be enabled at a later point in time. It is not possible to disable offline agents.

To monitor the status of your agents:

  1. Go to cogwheel icon > Build resources > Agents. This will display the Agents screen, showing lists of all local agents and all remote agents that currently exist in your Bamboo system.
    Agents can have one on the following statuses:

Available to execute builds.

Currently executing a build.

Currently canceling a Job build.

Not available to execute builds (see Disabling or deleting an agent).

Disabled - Building
Currently executing a build but disabled so cannot execute further builds.

Disabled - Canceling
Currently canceling a build, and disabled so cannot execute further builds.

Note that to see the jobs that are currently being built, look at the Current Activity tab on the dashboard.

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