Assets Discovery

Assets Discovery is a network scanning tool that can be used with or without an Agent. It detects hardware and software that is connected to your local network, and extracts detailed information about each asset. You can then import this data into Assets in Jira Service Management to help you manage all of the devices and configuration items within your local network. Use this data to relate incidents, problems, or change requests and be in control of your IT operations.

Assets Discovery can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace. This software package will run on Windows and Linux systems, and includes three separate tools:

  • Assets Discovery is an agent-less scanner to help you discover devices and configuration items in your local network.
  • Assets Discovery Agents are independent processes (agent-ful scanners) that can help you discover data from systems that are not always online, or collect data from Windows systems without opening the inbound WMI Port and the Dynamic DCOM Ports. Note that by default, Assets Discovery is an agent-less tool. This means that it is unable to gather information from systems that are not online or available at the time it scans your system.
  • Assets Discovery Collector is a tool that allows you to run multiple instances of Assets Discovery in parallel and integrate those results into one data set. You can also use the Collector to scan a network remotely and transfer the resulting data to a different location.

Benefits of using Assets Discovery

Here's some unique aspects of Assets Discovery:

  • It's a network discovery solution that is integrated tightly with the Jira platform
  • It's the only solution that offers a real configuration management database (CMDB) in the Jira platform
  • It's the only solution that offers dependency mapping and impact analysis in Jira platform
  • It's the only solution that offers a rich automation framework focused on assets in Jira platform
  • 破壊的な価格設定 - 当社のソリューションを市場に出回っている他のソリューションと自由に比較してください。きっと驚きます。

What does Assets Discovery look like?

The Assets Discovery application finds servers, computers and other devices connected to an enterprise's network. A discovered server or device is explored to capture the configuration, provisioning and current status. All the collected data is sent to the Assets CMDB in Jira Service Management.

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