How do I find which users count against my Stash license?

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The number of licensed users is exhausted but it isn't evident what users are occupying license seats.


Development wrote a small plugin that will help determine what users Stash sees:

  1. Log in to Stash as an administrator and go to Administration > Manage Add-on and click on "Upload add-on".
  2. Paste the following URL into the From URL field and click "Upload":
  3. Wait for the plugin to install, then browse to <your_stash_baseurl>/plugins/servlet/users-with/LICENSED_USER which will display the active users.
    Also, open <stash_home>/log/atlassian-stash.log as it will have output identifying how each user is granted the LICENSED_USER permission. Look for the following output specifically:


c.a.s.i.user.PermissionServiceImpl Switching to log level [TRACE]
c.a.s.i.user.PermissionServiceImpl Calculating users with the LICENSED_USER permission
... output listing users and explicit/implicit permissions ...
c.a.s.i.user.PermissionServiceImpl Switching to log level [INFO]

The plugin is locked down to administrators but it can be uninstalled from the Manage Plugins screen if preferred.

最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 23 日


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